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Naval's National Academy Mohanapur

Naval's National Academy, Mohanapur aims to provide world-class educational opportunities in Gorakhpur. The school is affiliated to C.B.S.E board, New Delhi and provides education to students from class nursery to class 10th.

Cultural activities, games, expeditions, outdoor activities and project work forms an essential part of the school curriculum.


The school aims to impart a complete and high quality education in the true sense of the word, not only by the way of formidably high academic standards, but also by developing all faculties-intellectual, physical and spiritual. An ignited mind, intellectual curiosity, moral integrity, a strong sense of values, a disciplined life-style and feeling of comradeship among students will transcend social, communal, religious and provincial prejudices. Too much emphasis on the academic side of education has narrowed our vision to such a great extent, that for many of us, the term EDUCATION has now become synonymous with book learning.
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The school with spacious classrooms and child-centric learning methodology programs ensure overall development of kids.


Committed to providing a fruitful learning environment Naval's Academy Mohanapur teaches subjects like mathematics, English, Hindi.
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As students enter secondary level, the course of academics changes a bit. Based on current educational demands, the school teaches
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 accommodation- hostel


We have broken the misconception that education and boarding facilities of international class are confined in certain distant parts of the country and restricted for special class only. Naval's Academy has developed it's  branch to such standard that now students of the most backward part of the country are in position to fulfill their dreams of getting education and enjoying boarding facilities of international class at a


Computer Literacy is an Indispensable part of education today. There is hardly any branch of knowledge or technology in which computers have not been pressed into service.
In view of this fact, every branch of Naval's Academy provides computer classes to the children from an early stage.
A full-fledged computer wing is attached to every branch where the latest computers are installed
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Mohanapur branch of Naval's National Academy has a well-furnished library where books and reading material on various subjects of interest for the students and the teachers are available. Students may make use of the library during the recess or after the school hours or even on holidays with the permission of the Principal.Students must borrow books from the library for a short duration. Any damage caused by the students